Random Things

It’s Time for Some Fun! {Leibster Award}

Photo by Lucas Craig on Pexels.com The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blogAnswer the eleven questions given to youShare eleven facts about yourselfNominate 5-11 other bloggersAsk your nominees eleven questions of your choice Notify the nominees once you have uploaded the post. Thank you, Lily, for letting me… Continue reading It’s Time for Some Fun! {Leibster Award}

Writing & Poetry

The Lonely Tree: A Poem

Um... hey, y'all. Posting later than I would have liked, but I'm here all the same. 😉 Life has been a bit crazy as of late, so I've been a little behind on writing posts. I've been working on some other "behind the scenes" stuff, though, so hopefully I'll be getting some of that up… Continue reading The Lonely Tree: A Poem