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20 Things To Do at Home

Are you stuck at home? And you’re bored? And you don’t know what to do? Like not a clue?

Well, then stick around, and I’ll do my best to see you through your trouble.

Here’s a pretty extensive list of things I do when I’m home, and if you like, you can try them too! You can also check out Allison’s list of boredom busters for some more great ideas.

I’m giving these to you in no particular order, so let’s hop right into it. Here we go!

1. Try Someone Else’s Hobby. Whether it’s sewing outfits, juggling knives and torches, knitting sweaters, cooking dainties, collecting cool nature thingies, or solving a Rubik’s cube, the people around you have their hobbies. And believe me, there’s nothing they’d like to share with you more. So give someone else’s hobby a try. Chances are they’d be happy to help you!

2. Play an Outdoor Sport or Game. Anything from soccer or volleyball to fishing or archery practice. Making mud pies; building little fairy houses out of leaves, moss, twigs, and bark; playing capture the flag or hide and go seek — the list is almost endless! Imagination games are also fun. When I was little, I made a “ship” out of spare boards and bricks with an old tarp for the sail. It kept me occupied for hours!

3. Do the Spring Cleaning. Yes, it’s Spring. Time to do the cleaning! This might not be the funnest thing on earth, but it’s sure a swell way to pass the time. And after a day of working hard at it, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished ever so much. I know I certainly feel that way!

4. Keep a Journal. Write down what your day was like. Tell what’s been going on in your life. Record the events of your day. A well-kept diary is something to be treasured for centuries. Today is part of history. Keep a personal account of everything that’s happening. Future generations will thank you for it! (Be careful though, not to record bitter or angry thoughts. Nobody wants to read a thing that was written with rage.)

5. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane. Look through old photo albums, read all your old letters and journals, go through your old files and drawings, share stories that have been handed down through generations. Let everyone have a turn telling their story.

6. Grow a Garden. Spring is the right time to be getting your plants in the soil and start growing a good healthy lot of edibles (and decorative plants). With all the stores being clean out of fresh stuff, I can hardly wait for some green, leafy lettuce straight from the garden. Yummy!

7. Create Picture Stories. Take a series of photos to make your own story. You can use dolls, paper people, action figures, or even act it at yourself. We’ve been doing this for years, and it’s always been so much fun!

8. Fold Some Origami Art. Get out some paper and fold it into a work of art. You can use colored paper, copy paper, or even money! When your done, you can set up an origami display or give it to someone as a gift. How about making a zoo of origami animals? Now that would be cool!

9. Keep a Gratitude List. In all the chaos of life, this’ll help you keep yourself on the sunny side. There’s nothing like a writing up good list of blessings. But don’t leave it where it will be forgotten. Make it pretty and put it up where all can see. Add to it regularly throughout the day. It’ll keep you thinking happy thoughts!

10. Goof Off In Front of the Camera. Go on! Let yourself go crazy in front of the camera! Capture those funny poses, hilarious faces, and stellar stunts. You can always delete the evidence if it’s too embarrassing. But honestly, funny photos hold the best memories. So have a great time goofing, but don’t be too eager to delete it all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

11. Put on a Puppet Show. If there are any kids around, they’ll love it. You can make your own characters out of cardboard and paper, or gather some dolls and stuffed animals to use instead. (Of course, if you have real puppets, they’ll work too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) My sister and I used to put on a very popular show with 2 teddy bears and a dog. Usually, you’d hide behind something like a couch, but it also works to just do it without hiding yourself. For added effects, you can turn the lights off and use flashlights for the stage lights.

12. Give Yourself Extra Homework. Call me weird if you want to, but now that I’m graduated, I actually enjoy giving myself a nice bit of homework. Work the problems you enjoy the most or challenge yourself to some hard ones. If you’re having trouble thinking up math problems, ask someone to give you some numbers. And yes, it’s fine to doodle on these pages. You’ve given yourself this homework after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

13. Make Your Bed. I really like what Admiral William H. McRaven, USN,ย Ret. said in this speech. “If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed.” Making your bed is one of those little things that can make a big difference. Don’t throw the covers on all sloppy-like. Take your time and do it right. Even fancy up your sleeping place a bit. Make it ready to welcome you when you retire at night.

14. Try a Writing Challenge. Make up your own writing challenge, or have someone else give you one. It could be anything from writing a short story in less than 2 hours, to coming up with some humorous instructions on how to tie your shoelaces. Sometimes I’ll just sit down and start writing up a story even though I have no idea where I am taking it. One random story I started on got to be 20 pages long before I stopped working on it!

15. Make Some Music. If you have an instrument that you know how to play, then great! You’ve got all the time you need to practice on it. If there’s someone else who plays an instrument as well, then y’all can sit down together and have a music session. Even if you don’t know how to play, you can try singing all of the songs you can from memory. Or you could make up your own tune and hum it. Then take it to another level by adding some lyrics.

16. Teach a Class. Have you found a new way to draw cartoon eyes? Or maybe you’ve been reading an exciting history book. Or you’ve learned a new chord on the guitar. Instead of sharing your new finds in a casual conversation at dinner, how about teaching a class on it? Whether it’s how to draw noses, how to tune the dulcimer, or how to shine the faucet, everyone can learn a little something new.

17. Exercise. There’s nothing like a bit of good, hard exercise to keep you in shape. And there’s no need to go to the gym to get your workout in. Plenty of exercises can be done at home without the gym equipment. Come up with a fitness routine to do on your own or ask a family member to be your workout buddy.

18. Play a Talking Game. Any games that have to do with talking are a fun — 20 Questions, Two Truths and a Lie, ect. When I was younger, my siblings and I would tell stories together as we cleaned up after the meals. Each person had their own character to fit into the story, but everyone would agree on the story setting. Remember, there’s no need to limit yourself to the traditional rules of a conversation game. You can come up with your own rules and ideas to make it even more fun!

19. Call a Friend. Chances are your friends are bored of sitting at home too. If you can’t get together with them, how about giving them a call? You can chat, catch up on all the news, and share boredom-bustin’ ideas with each other.

20. Read the Bible. No time could be could be spent better than talking to God and listening to His voice. Take some time each day to read a little of His Word and meditate on it.

“I remembered the works of the Lord: for I will be mindful of thy wonders from the beginning. And I will meditate on all thy works: and will be employed in thy inventions.”

Psalm 76:12-13


So there’s my list of things to do at home. I’d like to thank Allison for giving me the idea. Go check out her post here. And now let’s chat!

Have you tried any of these boredom busters? What’s your favorite thing to do when your bored? I’d love to know. Just share your ideas in the comments.

Thanks for dropping by, and have yourself a totally awesome day!

“Tommy” Claire — a professional stay-at-home boredom buster. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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